Ball Girls

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Join the action as the University of Alberta Pandas Soccer team battles their opponents in the Canada West Soccer League!

~ A great team builder!

Every CIS season, Pandas Soccer enlists the help of U10 - U14 Girl’s Soccer teams to act as ball girls for home games. The girls will not only be supplying balls quickly to the players on the field, they will be up close with varsity athletes and will be able to see some very superb soccer.

Ball Girl Team Application Process:

1. Please review the games below to determine those that fit your team’s availability.

2. Complete the onlineUniversity of Alberta Pandas Soccer Ball Girl Request

3. Once done, youshould receive an email follow-up 3 business days after application. If you do not receive this email, please contact Assistant Coach Courtney Wald - with the subject line: Ball Girl Application Request.

Game Day Procedures

2017 CWUAA Schedule:

Saturday, September 9, 2017 vs University of Calgary (2:00 PM Kick – Off): SWU U12 (Pucci)

Sunday, September 10, 2017 vs University of Lethbridge (2:00 PM Kick – Off): Scottish United U13 (Donovan)

Saturday, September 30, 2017 vs University of Regina (2:00 PM Kick – Off)

Sunday, October 1, 2017 vs University of Saskatchewan (2:00 PM Kick – Off)

Saturday, October 7, 2017 vs Mount Royal University (2:00 PM Kick – Off)

Saturday, October 14, 2017 vs University of British Columbia (2:00 PM Kick – Off)

Sunday, October 15, 2017 vs University of Victoria (12:00 PM Kick – Off)

A big thank you to the teams below that have joined the Pandas for the on-field excitement as ball girls:


Juventus (Buchanan) ~ U15 Girls, Victoria (King) ~ U13 Girls, Sherwood Park Phoenix (Brisbin) ~ U10 Girls, Southwest United (Pucci) ~ U12 Girls


Scottish (Halilic) ~ U12 Girls, Raiders (Welt) ~ U12 Girls, Southwest United (Farrell) ~ U12 Girls, Phoenix (So) ~ U12 Girls, Phoenix Girls (Govender) ~ U14 Girls, Sherwood Park Junior Phoenix (Brisbin) - U10 Girls, Strikers (Encina) ~ U12 Girls, Southwest United (Czajkowsky) ~ U14 Girls


St. Albert Impact (Jepsen) ~ U14 T2 Boys, St. Albert Impact (MacIntosh) ~ U12 T1 Girls, St. Albert Impact (Kinzierski) ~ U14 T1 Girls, Southwest United (Duxbury) ~ U12 T2 Girls


St. Albert Impact (Jepsen) ~ U12 T1, St. Albert Impact (Jahns) ~ U14 T2 Girls, SWU (Farrell) ~ U10 & U14 Girls, Riverview Raiders (van den Bijgaart), SW Sting (Tetth-Wayoe) ~ U14, St. Albert Impact U12 T2 Girls (MacIntosh), Strikers (Sloan) ~ U16 Girls


Ponoka Storm (Bendera) ~ U12, Millwoods Selects (Delgado) ~ U12, SWU (Ure) ~ U14 T2 Girls, St. Albert Impact (Jahns) ~ U12, Strikers (Newman) ~ U12


Southwest United (Milne) ~ U12, Xtreme (Melnyk) ~ U12, Scottish United (Sanmartin) ~ U16, Sherwood Park (Spinney) ~ U14, Millwoods Selects (Ewasiuk) ~ U14, Victoria (Pazienza) ~ U12


St. Albert Impact (Jorgensen) ~ U12 T1 Girls, Scottish United (Gavin) ~ U12 Girls, Xtreme FC Team (Harvey) ~ U14 Girls, SWU (de Paz) ~ U14 T1 Girls, Inter ~ U12, MWSA Selects (Fraser) ~ U-12, Impact (Robertson) ~ U16, Juventus (Catena) ~ U14, Raiders (Bayne) ~ U12


Millwoods Selects (Gilbertson) ~ U12, South West United (Gaggero) ~ U16 T2 Girls, Inter (Anastacio) ~ U14 T2, Scottish (Gavin) ~ U12 T2 & Phoenix F.C. (Melnyk) ~ U12 T1 Girls, Drillers (Croisiere) ~ U14, Drillers (Procter) ~ U12, West Raiders (Misiaszek) ~ U14


Edmonton Drillers (Croisetiere) ~ U12, Edmonton Strikers (Segin/Smith) ~ U14 T2, Inter (Weech) ~ U12 Girls, South West United (Gaggero) ~ U14 T2 Girls, Scottish United (Jubinville) ~ U12 Girls, South West United (Kassam) ~ U12 T1 Girls, Sherwood Park Rangers (Hilton) ~ U12

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